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martes, abril 08, 2008

Amazingly, after 2 months...

Dear friends!

Yes, apparently I have found the time to post something again. And, more importantly, to knit something again. These months are being incredibly hectic, and I cannot believe how little I am knitting at the moment. It is a bit frustrating. But I cannot be obsessed about it. I mean, it's supposed to be a pleasure hobby. I shouldn't feel it like a duty - like, "if you don't do it often, you are bad". But well... here is my last thing. A hat that stayed on the needles for two or three months until I found the time and disposition to finish it. Again, a marmor effect on red and white, as my good old Swiss (as in colours) scallop scarf.

This little hat goes quite well with the scarf, although the yarn is bigger and different in quality. The scarf is softer and more "high quality". This is cheap harsh acrylic ;) But who cares! I like it anyway. I wanted to do the Irish Hiking Hat, with the cables, and started doing it that way, but then the cable needle was just too tight for the double yarn and the needle I was using. So I did two series of cables with great pain (LOL) - and then just kept reducing. It was lovely to think where and when to knit 2 together or ssk1, in order not to destroy the cables pattern too abruptly. Well, I hope you like the result :)

Lots of love,