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miércoles, agosto 05, 2009

I am alive, yes - Sleeveless autumn "over-all" pullover :)

Dear friends!

Yes, I am clearly still alive. I am so ashamed that I haven't posted a thing since December. It's really been a problem of time and... impulse. What I mean is: when you have a project on the needles and you start working on it... and when you start losing the inspiration and, eventually, the wishes to finish it... you know what I am talking about. This was on the needles since AUGUST 2008 (Geez). I had promised it. And little by little I tried to complete the back of the sweater. This extermely HARD pattern I got in Germany was twice as complicated to understand because it was in German, and I have learned to knit in English. So, go figure! Plus, the pattern was quite a complicated one with a lot of counting and reverse purling and stuff... yikes!

So, when I finished the back, it felt like a huge stone. But then, I had to do the front. I tried to use as many dead hours as possible (waiting during rehearsals, etc., causing the smiles and curious looks of my colleagues) -- and that was it. I really couldn't find the guts to go for the sleeves. It felt like it would have been ENDLESS. SO this is why I decided to take this off the needles and sew. Basta. Ciao. Just a sleeveless pullover, after all the super hard work on the pattern. It looks nice, especially since the shoulders were supposed to be weird in the pattern, with two slopes and button holes (!)... which I also camouflaged with kitsch yellow ribbons. Oh la la. C'est comme ça! --- So this is it, girls! I feel like I can start my knitting life again now. This project was like a curse on the needles. It prevented me from knitting anything else for months (except the armwarmers, see previous post) --- and I never felt like finishing it, so you see the results!

My blog friends must have thought I had quit the blog! I am so sorry :(

So, here it is.
Hope you like it.

Please, give me a sign that you are still there reading this :)