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domingo, septiembre 14, 2008

Ok I am terrible... sorry

Dear friends,

Wow, it's been a while, heh. I have been so terribly busy. Bachelor concert, other concerts, an opera during August... I have been really so busy that I haven't been able to knit anything. I felt terrible about that. When I was in Germany, I bought needles and yarn and now I am doing a baby sweater. A nice pattern, I will post some pics soon! For the moment being, here is some pics that I got from January (!!), with little Aitana wearing the lovely sleeveless version of the TRELLIS jacket. Jon appears in one of the pictures, holding the baby :) She is sweet, isn't she? :)

I hope you like the pics. It's great to see the little babies wearing the things I have knitted especially for them! :)

By the way, I am on Ravelry as well... in case you wondered ;)