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martes, agosto 09, 2011

Saartje Booties :)

Dear friends!

Sooo, here I am again - the baby who is supposed to get the Aviatrix Baby Hat will be born tomorrow - and I found the time to do some extra thingies before we go visit the newborn! I mixed the hat-yarn with some spare green merino I had and... I enjoyed the occasion to knit my FIRST baby booties ever! They are so cute and quick to make! Just I wasn't very happy about the loop holes for the buttons, they are not really ideal, but well, there it goes! :)

I find it quite sweet :) What do you think? I found the pattern on Raverly :)

Oh, and here a photo of the hat and the booties together! :)



Blogger Mary Anne said...

You are becoming a most excellent knitter, Flavio. The colours you chose are perfect and those booties are just too cute. I hope the baby has a happy delivery.

12/8/11 02:58  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much Mary Anne! :) I am happy to be knitting again after a long time :) Hugs!

12/8/11 22:07  

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