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Hello - This is Flavio. I love knitting! I would love to try sharing bits of my life and my thoughts. Lots of love! :)

jueves, agosto 23, 2007

Alba loved her gifts! Oh, the joys of knitting!

Dearest friends,

Well, what can I say! Alba was given the things I knitted for her, and she loved them! She wanted to try them inmediately, even if we are in the middle of summer. This is only a little selection of the pictures that I have been sent by friends - I wasn't there unfortunately. I have been told that she started catwalking like crazy! WOW :) Well, I am so happy to see that she enjoyed the gifts so much. It is a huge satisfaction :) She's just 2 years old (and a half).

Hope you like the photos. She looks so funny playing with the scarf! :)

200g of acrylic well used!

Love, Flavio :)

sábado, agosto 18, 2007

August Knitting...

Dear friends...

Wow. Doesn't look like I have been knitting a lot this August. Partly, it was a bit too hot to sit down and knit (although the computer is hotter - but I must have some priorities, alas). Anyway, I have been doing a very simple hat and scarf for a daughter of a friend - little Lucía, 2 years and a half old. I will send it per post, because the family is not here for holidays anymore, they went back home last week. Argh! I wasn't fast enough.

The scarf is my typical 2x2 ribbing with spaghetti ending. The hat is soooo simple: just some 2x2 ribbing, then stockinette stitch, and then some pseudo-random decreasing here and there... pon-pon is NOT a pon-pon... just some more spaghetti, you know. I have never been able to learn how to do a decen pon-pon :(

Anyway, here it is. It looks nice. There has been some discussions, recently, about using acrylic or not, on the Knitting Novices list. Well, this is acrylic. I bought it in a little chinese shop: four balls 50g each (yes, this is exactly four balls, nothing left) - and it is soft and plush. I love it! Well, 99% of what you saw on this blog is acrylic...

Anyway, hope you like the little august thingy. I am about to finish a terrible, horrible jacket with a very very fat yarn... will let you know everything about this adventure...