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domingo, agosto 07, 2011

Aviatrix Baby Hat :)

Dear friends!

I haven't posted anything for a loooong time, I know. You probably have forgotten this blog. But truth is, I hadn't knitted anything either! Sorry :( Life got suddenly extremely busier and I didn't have the concentration for knitting something new. I have got a lovely excuse now: a friend is going to give birth very soon and I thought I'd do a lovely baby hat - so, I found this AVIATRIX BABY HAT pattern on RAVELRY and chose a lovely PEACH coloured yarn at my local shopping mall :) Only, I didn't have the 3.25 needles with me, so I did the whole pattern with the smaller needles asked for in the pattern (3mm) --- it works actually!

It was quite easy and I loved the "melon" shaping of the head - for this I had to learn a new kind of movement: WRAP AND TURN :) Nice to see there is always something new to learn! I hope the baby and the mother will like this :) The earflaps and straps are so cute as well :)



Blogger Mary Anne said...

It is so nice to see you posting, Flavio! I love that Aviatrix Hat and the wrap & turn is a great learning experience. Well done.

12/8/11 02:56  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Yes, it's so cute! I liked the "wrap and turn" -- only, it leaves some kind of "bump" on the stockinette "field" --- but otherwise no problem!

12/8/11 22:08  

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