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Hello - This is Flavio. I love knitting! I would love to try sharing bits of my life and my thoughts. Lots of love! :)

miércoles, mayo 23, 2007

I love Gromit! :)

Bau Bau! Guau Guau! Bark Bark! :)
I did not know that Gromit could knit! Isn't it lovely? :)

Bau Bau! Guau Guau! Bark Bark! :)

domingo, mayo 06, 2007

Trellis Jacket: READY!

Dear friends,

Oh my... it's done. I have had terribly busy days, that's why I have not posted this before. But yes, the Trellis jacket is, more or less, ready. Problems I have had: it was sooo slow to knit! Besides, I always get proportions wrong because gauge is never exactly as in the pattern instructions. Plus, I left half the place for the armhole as asked for in the pattern. Result: I could not make the required sleeves, the armhole was too small. So, I just picked up stitches and did some very short sleeves... I hope they are not too bad... although one can really notice they are ... wrong. Well, anyway... It doesn't look too bad anyway. The back is especially lovely, I think. Next time I make sure to have proper measuring... What do you think of it anyway? I hope you like it at least a bit ;)