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viernes, diciembre 04, 2009

Step nº 3 - Keene Toddler Vest is READY!!!

Dear friends!

Yoohooooo! It's finished!

It's taken quite a long time to finish this vest, but I am SOOO happy about it. I will post it inmediately to my Raverly profile of course. And I also found a baby for it, so I can't wait to take photos of the baby wearing it, although it might be a bit big for him now, so we can wait for spring (it's actually very good for spring too, with a shirt under :) I really loved the pattern. I just had soo little time to do this, that I had to take spare half hours here and there to work on it!

The sewing and collar/sleeve "editing" might look a bit torturing from the outside... (see photo). Plus, I have never learned to use a circular, so I couldn't do the neck collar as per instructions. This means, I simply did the back collar separately and the front V-collar separately as well, and then I sew them together. You can't really notice from a distance, so... I guess I did the right thing! Sorry, still haven't found the time to learn the circular knitting... oh well! (This prevents me from undertaking a huge number of patterns, in fact!)

Soooo... here it is! The ribbon is a traditional Fla-Trademark, but is of course optional in case the mother doesn't like it. The vest is nice anyway as it is! It also feels nice with this PODIUM yarn I bought in Spain. Yoohoo! I also love the cables, etc etc :) The shaping was also OK, although I forgot the right/left-slanting factor and it could have looked even more perfect, but hey, I am human :) LOL!

Hope you like it!



Blogger Mary Anne said...

It's beautiful! What an accomplishment. I love how you finish off with a ribbon, it adds a touch of whimsy.

I wouldn't worry about not learning the circulars yet - all in good time, it will come. I still have much to learn about knitting.

5/12/09 04:05  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much Mary Anne! I feel better now :) I feel quite dumb though, that I can't knit in the round! Also, people smile a bit when I knit because I hold the right needle under my armpit and move the left needle, so I MUST sit down when knitting. Some people I know can knit without using the arms really, so they hold everything in the hands and can knit everywhere, even standing... woof!

5/12/09 16:52  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Sei bravissimo!
Saluti dall'Italia

6/12/09 10:44  
Blogger Flavio83 said...


6/12/09 11:09  
Anonymous weriem said...

So CUTE Flavio!!!

8/5/12 21:21  

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