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domingo, noviembre 01, 2009

Just began a baby pullover...

Dear friends!

Woooof, yet another baby pullover? Well, this one seems sooo nice! It's the Keene Toddler Vest (sleeveless) by Marilyn Losee, which I found on (I am flavio83 there, by the way!) - I liked the idea to go back to cables, and the two-colour ribbing was just so sweet to see on the pattern, that I really wanted to give it a try. Plus, the smallest size (12-18 month-old) requires very little yarn! Yay :) Have a look at the pattern on-line, it's free :)

Well, I started it and I have the back, it was not so difficult to do actually, and the cables look OOOOH so nice. I had some trouble with the neck and arm shaping but, eventually, I did it. It's just, the pattern seems to forget that the decreasings require to break the cables at a certain point, at the very end... well, I hope I did it right :) I chose deep blue as CC and ivory or "broken white" as MC.

Hope you like it? :)
Love, Flavio