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miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006

My super Swiss scarf! (Scallop Scarf)

Dearest friends!

This will be my last update from Spain. On Sunday I'll take an airplane to Switzerland, and I am so nervous about it! I am not sure when I'll have an Internet connection there, or when I'll have enough time to knit again there. I'll receive my knitting needles and some yarn later during October, so I won't even have my tools inmediately. Will I be able to cope? :)

Well, I wanted to finish this before I parted. It is the Scallop Scarf featured in the wonderful book "Knitting for Dummies", which I personally love. I have learned a lot from this book, and this scarf looked like something I would have loved to do. I thought I'd mix two colours for this one, and... why not the Swiss national colours, red and white? Well, here they are. I loved the pattern. I was amazed at the result. It is so... WAVY! I didn't think a few k2tog, ssk and such would SHAPE so much. Isn't it incredible? The scarf had to be "built" in two parts. The central part is a 2x2 rib that would hug the neck. There goes the seaming, of course. The ribbing had to be done with smaller needles (I used 6mm for the waves and 5.5mm for the ribbing... I didn't have 5mm needles, but I bought them yesterday anyway!).

I run out of white almost at the very end. I panicked. I had to start a "vanilla" ball of yarn. The colour is not exactly white... but it's the neck part, and one won't notice from a certain distance. Good. At least I could finish the scarf today, so I can focus on preparing my suitcases! :) Notice the lovely details in the photographs. Doesn't it look huggable and very chic at the same time? Unfortunately the photo cannot get the real feeling of the scarf in the "real" world. It is... sooooooo lovely! It's probably one of the favourite objects I have ever knitted. I feel so proud! And it really covers your neck! Wow! :)

What do you think? In the meantime I tried some fair-isle to keep the practice, but I did a really small hat (probably good only for a really small newborn!) Anyway I considered it an exercise, so I am not too worried about giving it out as a gift. Isn't blue over white lovely? The flower design is from Knitting for Dummies as well. I hope you like both things. Would love to read your comments before I leave... sigh! I will miss you all! Really! I hope to be back very soon with more projects and more yarn!

Long live knitting :)


Blogger Mary Anne said...

Your scarf IS lovely, the colours and the design. It must fit very comfortably around the neck. Now I want to knit one!

The fairisle hat is so cute, beautiful colours and will warm a newborn's head.

Good luck with your travels and hope to hear from you when you are settled in.

27/9/06 20:07  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

The scarf looks awesome - great job - you are braver than I with the fair isle - good for you!!!

Safe journey to Switzerland and will catch up with you once you are settled in.


27/9/06 20:11  
Blogger Rebecca said...

The wavy scarf is awesome! And I wish my head was small enough for the's just too, too adorable! I'll be praying for safe travels for you!

28/9/06 00:03  
Blogger k said...

My best wishes to you, Flavio... I hope you love Switzerland!!! The scarf looks wonderful!

28/9/06 05:00  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you soooo much, dear friends! Mary Anne, Karen, Becca, Kaylee... I am so happy to read from you!

I am very nervous about the travel... argh! :)

Lots of love to you all! Thank you!

28/9/06 08:53  
Blogger Jenean said...

Oooooo!! The scarf looks great! Me thinks I'm going to have to go and get that book and add that project to my Christmas making list :)

28/9/06 16:14  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Isn't it delicious! Indeed, go get the book, it's full of interesting things! I just love it!

And yes, the scarf makes a MARVELOUS Xmas gift! :)


28/9/06 18:32  
Blogger condith said...

Hi Fla,
As Usual, your work is the greatest. I love the scarf and hat. I think I may attempt the scarf myself in the near future. Have a plesant trip and do settle in quickly, you must get back to us as soon as possible to continue to marvel us with your talented and loving presence. Have a safe journey.

29/9/06 00:26  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

A million hugs to you, dear Connie! :) Thank you so much! I'll definitely write to the list when I get a connection!


29/9/06 00:31  
Blogger Lissy said...

I just began this scarf too! I was going to skip out the ribbing in the middle because I am not sure how it would turn out? Do you think I should keep it? With yours does it look good? Love your blog!

17/4/11 17:03  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Absolutely yes, Lissy :) It feels great around the neck, and it's so fluffy :)

17/4/11 17:09  

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