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Hello - This is Flavio. I love knitting! I would love to try sharing bits of my life and my thoughts. Lots of love! :)

miércoles, octubre 25, 2006

Hello world!

I am so proud
of my scallop scarf! I wear it everyday at school, and since the weather is so windy right now, I am making quite good use of it! Lots of hugs from Switzerland... (I miss home so much...)

sábado, octubre 21, 2006

Rubén and his sweater and hat!

Dear friends,

Hello again from cold and expensive Switzerland! I have been missing home a lot when I received this photo from my dear friend Marián: her son Rubén, who is barely two months and a half old, with the lovely one-piece jacket that Allison helped me to complete (the pattern I found on the web was wrong: can you remember my suffering? ;) Click here to come back to the whole process.

Isn't he just SOOOOO lovely? I am so proud of what I knitted! And supposedly this was a problematic sweater (the hand-cuffs, the wrong ridge that I had to correct...) - it doesn't look so bad, doesn't it! And it was my first project WITH matching accessory! Wow :)

I hope you like the photo and the model ;) Congratulations Rubén! You are the cutest knitting-baby of the month! :-D


sábado, octubre 14, 2006

Still alive...

Dear friends...

I am still alive, yes. I am in Switzerland. The first week was hard... but here I am. Lessons starts on Monday. Can't wait. Now, I have been able to find out that in this country all big malls have complete yarn sectors, with endless choice of colours and sorts! Isn't that exciting? I have received my needles and tools, so I can knit again. Here knitting is still much more in vogue than in Spain, it seems. What excited me most, though, is the fact that, here, they also sell 500g (!) balls! That's half a kilogram! Wow. I had never seen such huge balls in Spain. They cost 19.90CHF (aprox. 15.60USD), and come in variegated colours (at least the brand I saw). Here is the one I bought... I hope you like it. Colours are much nicer than in the photo... sorry!