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domingo, octubre 24, 2010

2010... poor 2010!

Dear friends!

Yes, I really haven't been knitting until now. Crazy year. Well, actually... I did a little pouch for the tarot cards in the summer :) I bought the deck and read that it must be protected in a special thing that must be very personal - and I thought, well, I can knit one :) It is complete with a string you can pull to open and close it :) It is quite lovely, and I used a skein I still hadn't started, very plush and comfy! :)

Also, I did yesterday a little doll pullover --- the cute thing is, I improvised the pattern! Hihihi... I started doing some checkers... and then I was not sure how to go on. I thought... let's try a pullover for a doll or similar :) - I did the front, splitting the neck shaping in two needles, etc. etc... the fair-isle looked quite nice, and I was happy about it. Then I did the back, the sleeves, the neck... and this was the result:

Well, sorry for being so absent. I am just about to get my MA degree in Singing, so... I am quite busy, yep :)

Fla :)