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viernes, octubre 02, 2009

Autumn hat for the cousine

Dear friends!

A cousine of mine promised me a chocolate cake if I made her a hat. Well, that was easy to satisfy! I bought a lovely skein and used half of it to do this. I hadn't knit in a long time, I have to say, unfortunately. But here it is. I will use the rest of the skein to do a matching little magic scarf. I am in Germany rehearsing an opera and had little time for myself, but I found a HUUUUGE shop of yarn and... wow. I couldn't resist. Also, the cousine's hat was a good excuse!

OK; this is super bulky yarn. The girl at the shop said 9mm needles... I thought it was going to be too "transparent", if you know what I mean. So, I did the border in rib 2x2 but than doubled yarn for the rest of the hat, and it worked very fine! Well, I hope it's going to be liked by the cousine! LOL!

See you soon! :)