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jueves, agosto 23, 2007

Alba loved her gifts! Oh, the joys of knitting!

Dearest friends,

Well, what can I say! Alba was given the things I knitted for her, and she loved them! She wanted to try them inmediately, even if we are in the middle of summer. This is only a little selection of the pictures that I have been sent by friends - I wasn't there unfortunately. I have been told that she started catwalking like crazy! WOW :) Well, I am so happy to see that she enjoyed the gifts so much. It is a huge satisfaction :) She's just 2 years old (and a half).

Hope you like the photos. She looks so funny playing with the scarf! :)

200g of acrylic well used!

Love, Flavio :)


Blogger Mary Anne said...

how wonderful for you to have these pictures of the little one, loving your handknitted gifts. It looks as if she is holding the scarf like a blanket. Yay for you and acrylic too!

27/8/07 22:08  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Indeed, indeed! Thank you so much, Mary Anne!

PS: I keep loving your blog!


27/8/07 22:42  

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