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sábado, junio 30, 2007

Rubén's New Set! Jacket and Hat... :)

Dear friends,

How are you all? I am fine, can't wait to go home next Friday, for the whooole summer! Therefore, I have been knitting like crazy to finish my last big project. Rubén's mother (see Rubén here, with his first set of hat and jacket last year) has asked me to do something for next winter, and I simply LOOOOVE special requests! She said that she had liked the pattern of the very first jacket I did in April 2006 (click here to see it) - but she wanted, of course, different colours. She said dark blue, and I thought I would lighten it up with some soft cream vanilla marmor effect! Also, I have been using the same pattern, which I have tested last year, and it works perfectly well with my 5-1/2mm and 5mm needles. Also, this time I did the second step: the matching hat, and I just think it's soooo lovely! What do you think?

I don't have double pointed needles here in Switzerland, so, for the I-Cord, I just slipped the 3 stitches to the other needle at every row, as if I were purling, or something like that... well, it works :) Picking up stitches is already something that does not worry me in the least... but once again, I think I should not finish the collar so soon. When I work on it, I always have the impression that it's massive.. but when I bind off, I realize it's not as long as I wanted in order to fold it on the neck... mmm, but it's probably better this way, the baby doesn't need a huge collar to struggle with... So, here it is! Notice Winnie the Pooh with the hat ;) It's too big for him, LOL! :)

PS: DON'T PANIC! Click the photos to enlarge them! :)



Blogger said...

These are breath-takingly lovely, Flavio. I wish I could knit half as well as you do, and learn things as fast as you seem to. Your friend and Ruben are so fortunate!

1/7/07 18:46  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

it's a gorgeous set. Lucky Ruben! Your knitting is inspiring me to try a baby sweater.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.

2/7/07 05:39  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much! I am really expecting an incredible summer. It's the first time that I really have to "go back home" for summer, and the feeling is quite strange... ;)

I always read your blogs!! :)


2/7/07 09:14  
Blogger caska said...

Scusa se scrivo in Italiano ma il mio inglese scritto è pessimo,ho visto che hay commentato sul blog di è mi ha incuriosito, non per il fatto che sei un ragazzo e ti piace fare la maglia, ma perchè ti chiami come me e perchè hai scritto che eri italiano. Comunque che belle cose che fai passerò ogni tanto ciaoooo :)

3/7/07 21:26  
Anonymous Stitchstud said...

It's great to find another male knitter! I really like the jackets. Did you invent that pattern?

It's great!

31/7/07 12:57  

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