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sábado, abril 07, 2007

Found a "baby" for my "fat" sweater...

Dear friends,

I was worried because I thought I would never be able to give this sweater to anyone. But I visited my parents in Spain and I thought... uhm. Maybe I know someone.... my mother has this huge, hairy King Kong in the living room. wow. He is wide enough... my mother wanted to try and... here we have the newly dressed King Kong. IT was very pleased with the sweater. I brought two flags from Basel (the Swiss flag and the Basel flag), and we thought we would make some funny photos. My brother and my father took them. LOL!! The pics are too funny! :) I hope you like them! :)


Love and hugs from HOME (finally!)
Fla :)


Blogger Karen said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!! :-)

7/4/07 21:49  
Blogger lmilla said...

Flavio - it looks like you made the sweater with King Kong in mind! It fits perfectly! Thanks for sharing with the Yahoo group (that's how I found your pics).

8/4/07 04:54  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

your sweater fits King Kong perfectly and he looks adorable!

10/4/07 22:36  

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