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domingo, junio 10, 2007

My new philosophy of life...

Dear friends,

Here I am again - I survived the moving, and now I can write from my new home, where I have already started knitting a new project, a lovely baby jacket mixing dark blue and cream. I have been going through a very stressful period, and I have been wondering about the important things in life. Well, the other day I couldn't stop thinking about a group of words that, together, made special sense to me. I thought I would make a new philosophy of life out of these three ideas. It is like a simple list of instructions for life. I think it will work just fine. It's rather simple, I know, but it sounds nice and I think it covers most of what I want to do in life without stress. I am very much hoping to be able to follow this, without getting lost in the way. So, here it goes:


1) Give love to the most important people in your life.

1bis) Ask for respect the same way you give respect to people.

2) Sing, and make a source of light and love of your singing.

3) Knit beautiful, little things for the people you love.

99) Do not get in trouble. Really.


I am willing to give this a try. I wish that it will work to make my life a better episode of the world. Thank you for reading all this. Lots of love to you all!



Blogger Mary Anne said...

I really like your choice of philosphy. Living the peaceful life is the best way to bring joy to your days.

13/6/07 23:25  
Blogger Jenean said...

Those are great 'life rules.' Thanks for sharing, Flavio!

22/6/07 17:31  
Blogger said...

I second (third!!) their comments, and am realizing that if we all just did this, the world would be a better place! I also love the #2 rule: whenever I sing, even if it's just silly pop songs from the 70s, I feel so much better, and I feel "one" with everything. So go for it, and may you be happy!

30/6/07 03:12  

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