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jueves, junio 28, 2007

Several things...

Dear friends!

Today I found a fantastic marketplace stand with incredibly soft, thin silk (I presume) hanks. I have asked for the price and misunderstood. The woman said that with 100g I can do a scarf or something. I chose a fantastic mix of light blues... they are hand-dyed, hand made. When I had to pay, I was too ashamed to say no. It simply was my fault, I had misunderstood. It cost me 35CHF (28USD, 21EUR)... Now, the first thing will be: I hope I'll be able to do balls out of the hank... if it all tangles up, it will be an (expensive) tragedy. What do you think?

Also, at the end of april I took the train to Italy to see my aunts and my grandmother. I took my knitting with me, in my big flower-tote... I was afraid people would laugh, but they didn't... they just looked a lot... although I must admit that the tote is not very... discreet. Oh well. Here I was with my 300g ball... gosh! :) I had troubles closing the zip. Maybe next time I'll travel with smaller balls. Good thing about train: no metal detector = knitting needles are OK! :)



Anonymous Amber in Albuquerque said...


That silk is lovely. You have 'hanks' that you are going to need to wind into balls. I would recommend getting a friend to help you hand wind it. I don't think I would brave using a swift and a ball-winder.

I don't think you paid too much (just maybe more than you were planning on spending) for the yarn. I bought 2 50-g hanks of similar silk and they cost me $29 U.S. plus tax ($31 or so). You can see my yarn on my blog (lambandfrog[dot]com). It's under the post titled 'Yarn You Know What'. I'm still debating whether to make socks or a scarf. I'm also debating whether to hand wind it or use the ball's really fine yarn.

29/6/07 01:08  
Anonymous Charles said...

Check with your local yarn shops to see if they have a swift and ball winder. If not, put the hank on the back of a chair and wind into a ball.

I wind hanks into balls with a winder all the time with out problems.

I've knitted while traveling on a plane, and I get people interested in what I'm doing.

29/6/07 06:40  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

That is some beautiful yarn... can't wait to see what you decide it will be :) another tip for you, with the silk, center pull balls are bound to explode, so use the yarn from the outside of the ball, in...

29/6/07 11:34  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello there! Thank you everyone: I have corrected the post and have changed the word "skein" into "yank" :) I had a slip! :)

Can't wait to try to make it into balls although I am quite afraid. Thank you for the suggestions! :) Maybe a nice lacy scarf would be nice? I have never worked with such thin yarn!

Will keep you posted... :)

29/6/07 12:39  
Anonymous Amber in Albuquerque said...

I would trust Charles (I'm guessing it's Charles from DarkInn Knits). Even though he lives in Las Vegas (smile) he's going to be a master knitter, so if he says you can wind that silk with a ball winder, do it (winding by hand is a drag). I may even get brave enough to wind mine with my 'vintage' ball winder.

29/6/07 17:50  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Mmm.. I don't have a ball winder... will try with hand though! :)

29/6/07 23:49  

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