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lunes, marzo 19, 2007

Starting this difficult pattern...

Dear friends,

How are you? I must thank the friends from the KnittingNovices list, because they were able to help me with the "left twist" - I didn't understand the instructions in the pattern and now I have been able to start this! I am trying the "difficult" Trellis Sweater as seen on; I have finally the chance to use my cable needle again! Wow. I am not sure about the gauge, but this time I will make sure it is not going to be wider than taller! Really! :) This is the beginning of the back. I hope you like it. There is a little mistake in the cable at the very beginning (I held the needle in front instead of back on two occasions), but I am not going to re-do everything again.

Hope you like it ;)



Blogger Wendy in MD said...

It is amazing, Flavio!

19/3/07 15:00  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Wow, thank you Wendy!!! :)


19/3/07 17:02  
Blogger condith said...

Hi Fla,
You are one awesome knitter.
Mistake, mistake? Don't you mean "Design Enhancement"

19/3/07 19:31  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Wow Connie! You raise my self-esteem ;) Well, I guess many knitters can do this?

I am a beginner you know... I can't even make socks! :( Also, my knitting looks quite exact, but on the other hand I am quite slow too.


19/3/07 19:38  
Blogger Frogluver said...

Your cables are gorgeous, Flavio. You are a very accomplished knitter.


20/3/07 02:37  
Anonymous Anónimo said...


If you hadn't mentioned the "design enhancement", I never would have known cause I can't see it. Looks absolutely fabulous just like you :-)


21/3/07 19:25  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Wowwwww thank you Becky and Karen!!! :) I have almost finished the back... can't wait to complete it! :)

Gosh, this is so slow to knit!


21/3/07 19:55  

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