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lunes, abril 09, 2007

Red Diamond Scarf + Red Hat...

Dear friends,

Yes, I have been ill (fever with very hot temperature :( - so I haven't knitted for one day, but I really tried. Nevertheless, today I feel much better, so I used the whole day to finish the Red Diamond scarf and the little matching hat. The pattern was just lovely. I mean the stitch pattern. There wasn't a specific scarf pattern anyway. I took a lovely stitch pattern from a magazine and simply multiplied it x 8, and knitted for as long as I wanted. For the hat, I took a different leafy pattern. For the hat, I took one size bigger needles and double yarn. Problems? Well... I always have this tendency to bind off near the end of the project, maybe for nerves, maybe because I really want to finish... and most of the times I have this feeling that it's TOO short. The scarf... is not too short... but should be ideally longer? I have no idea. I am always afraid that my works are too short. Ack. And the hat? Just the same feeling. Is it too narrow? Is it too short? Will it fit my partner's cousine?

Well, I cross my fingers. The leafy pattern looks lovely anyway ;) Let me know if you want the instructions. Oh, by the way, the little tails at each end look a bit mediocre, don't they? Hehe...

Flavio :)


Anonymous jaimeb said...

I love that stitch pattern in the red... it really stands out, and just looks awesome! I have the same problem, sometimes ending things too short, I think I just get too impatient, now, when I make things for myself or my daughter, we try them on as I go, so I don't make them too small :D

9/4/07 23:22  
Anonymous jaime said...

wow, I was so struck by the pretty red, that I forgot to say, glad you are feeling much better!

9/4/07 23:26  
Blogger Karen said...

glad you are feeling better. The scarf and hat are lovely. I love the pattern and you knit beautifully


9/4/07 23:31  
Blogger debolsillo said...

El meu problema teixint es que tinc massa llana i masses projectes a mig acabar en aquests moments 5, be quatre perquè hi un que l'acabaré demà. jejeje

Petons i que et milloris!

10/4/07 00:37  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Jaime! Yes, I love this red. I wonder what I'll do with the remaining yarn. By the way, your dishcloth from April 3rd is AMAZING!

I feel a bit better now ;)

Thank you Karen!!!

Paulina: jo no puc resistir-me... si entro al Corte Inglès, em compraria tota la llana del 5é pis... i ara mateix en tinc mooolta però molt poc de temps per a teixir :( Petonssssssss :)

10/4/07 09:14  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

Your scarf and hat are gorgeous, the colour and the pattern - very nice indeed!

10/4/07 22:35  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you very much Mary Anne! Very appreciated! :)


11/4/07 11:07  

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