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sábado, septiembre 29, 2007

My biggest sweater! WOW!

Dear friends,

Wow, I have finished it! I made the collar and it looks OH SO NICE. I am so happy about this sweater! The yarn is very simple, nothing beautiful, but now that I have tried the pattern out of the magazine, I think I would like to do it again with a nicer yarn. This one is a simple mix of two acrylic yarns (blue and pale yellow, worked 2 strands at a time). It has set-in sleeves. All of it is in ribbing: body, sleeves, collar... It is very easy to do, just... SLOOOOW, because I am a slow (but precise) knitter, and this was my biggest sweater ever: it can fit a 4-year old child because the ribbing really spreads out (it looks small in the picture but you can really spread the fabric). I hope you like it! :)



Blogger caska said...

bueno flavio te ha quedado precioso ,ademas me gustan esas tonalidades de azul ;) ciaoooo

29/9/07 09:44  
Blogger Carme said...

Molt bé !!! Quan el bloquejaves no m'imaginava que quedaria tant maco i el colors molt encertat.
Congratulations :-)

1/10/07 10:33  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Moltes gràciesss ;) Gracias!!! :)

Creo que será para mi sobrino...

1/10/07 10:45  
Blogger Nadia said...

Bleehhh! Why do you knit in acrylic??? It's awful, it doesn't have any of the natural stretch of wool, and makes your hands feel funny. I know it's cheaper, but do you really want to wear plastic? If you do this again, PLEASE use wool. (Tip- you can buy cheap wool from the second hand shop in the form of old jumpers, which you can then pull apart.)

7/5/09 02:05  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Money, money, money...

7/5/09 11:31  

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