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lunes, julio 30, 2007

My knitting tote and other things...

Dear friends,

How are you? Sorry for not posting anything in a month. I have been quite busy although I am officially on holiday... visited many places, did a summer course... and have had some trouble with my health, but that's another story. Also, I bought an i-Pod and I love it, so now I am listening to my favourite music here and there :) It's great in airports, where you have to wait so long...

The blue silk thing I bought for so much money is now in the waste. Everything got totally tangled and I was desperated and frustrated. I won't buy a hank anymore - sorry. I feel so sad about it. :(

I am preparing a scarf now. Just to relax. Also, I am looking for a pattern for my mother but I can't find anything similar. Will let you know... Oh! By the way, some people on Knitting Novices talked about their knitting tote. Hope you like mine! I left it in Switzerland though... will use it again from October on! :)



Blogger debolsillo said...

¿Salud? Espero que estés mejor. Yo estaré algo desconectada en agosto, aunque últimamente Ravelry toma casi todo mi tiempo, es un tiempo feliz. Muchos besos y cariño.

30/7/07 16:10  
Anonymous Anónimo said...


I'm so sad that you had to toss that gorgeous silk. Don't feel bad, I've had to toss some as well that I had on the swift only because it was put up so badly within the hank. - glad to see you are doing well. YOur music sheet up top brings me back to my Berklee days - ahhh, I miss my music :-(

30/7/07 20:01  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Gracias Paulina! Voy a mirar esa página... me gusta! Espero que me contesten, me gustaría tener una cuenta allí...

Thank you Karen! Nice about the music... do you play any instrument or sing? :)


31/7/07 11:40  
Blogger debolsillo said...

Hola: tienes un mensaje en mi blog (sorry)

31/7/07 12:58  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

it's nice to read a post from you, no matter when. Sorry to hear about the tangled silk yarn. The knitting tote is a very nice design. I hope you find the perfect pattern for your mother.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

3/8/07 20:06  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Mary Anne.

My mother wants a sort of airy jacket/waistcoat in a very "open" lace design... something to put on other clothing...


3/8/07 20:28  
Blogger k said...

Hanks took me a while to work with, too. I'm not sure if they sell ball winders where you live, but those are lifesavers!

21/8/07 13:13  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hi Karen!

It can be... but now it's too late, alas :(


21/8/07 13:23  

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