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miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007

First blocking... oh dear!

Dear friends,

Well, here I am, trying to enjoy my last days at home before leaving again for Switzerland. I am working on my bigger sweater ever, aprox. for a 4-5 year-old child. The pattern comes from a nice Spanish magazine. Looks nice, but... I wanted to block the pieces. I DO NOT have a good space for that. Plus, I have never blocked anything ever.

I thought I'd take a big table, but a tablecloth on it, and literally "block" the pieces to the specified sizes - with... clothpegs. I know, this will look ridiculous to all of you but... do you have any better ideas? I am sooo ignorant about blocking. Argh :( I have turned everything "moderately wet". Let's see what happens... I am a bit afraid. I don't even know if I should leave it there all night... uhm.

I will keep you posted...



Anonymous Amber in Albuquerque said...


Looks fine! In general, it's easier to use rust-proof straight pins (instead of the clothes pegs). I use my floor (which has carpet), a table, or my bed and pin the damp objects to folded beach towels (so I'm not pinning them directly to the bed or the carpet...just in case the colors run). Let the pieces stay pinned until they are dry.

I think you did a great job.

27/9/07 00:15  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

I haven't done much blocking either, so I can't give any advice, but it looks like you've got those sweater pieces under control. I like the colour and the pattern from what I can see.
I hope you enjoy your time at home before you have to leave.

27/9/07 04:17  
Blogger Carme said...

Ei Flavio,

Home, no està tant malament :-)
Jo no és que hagi bloquejat molt sovint perquè no he fet peces que ho requereixin.
Però un sistema, que s'utilitza molt és: saps aquelles estoretes tipus "puzzle" que tenen els nens petits (amb animals, números o lletres) que són d'un material que crec es diu "EVA" ? Doncs aquest és un bon suport per bloquejar perquè és prou tou per clavar-hi agulles (també hi ha unes agulles especials per bloquejar que tenen un cap ample de pàstic perquè no s'escapi)i no hi ha perill que amb la humitat es faci malvé. I el millor, per muntar-lo fas un puzzle (que sempre va bé)i quan acabes el desmuntes i el guardes en un raconet de l'armari ... deuen fer 30 x 30 aprox.
No sé com deixar-te un link aquí (jo sóc una patata amb la informàtica) però a qualsevol web de joguines ho trobaràs.
Fins aviat,

27/9/07 09:09  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you, Carme, Mary Anne and Amber!

The problem is, I think, that I didn't really "damp" or "wet" them, I simply put some water on them... I think I did wrong and I feel so stupid :) After a few hours I took everything away from the table. They were a bit wider thanks to the "tension", but well... it is ALL ribbing (2x2) and there is no way to keep it at the specified size, it shrinks like a spring!

Oh well :)

I am sewing.........


27/9/07 10:29  
Blogger debolsillo said...

Para la próxima como dice Carme las alfombritas esas van bien (aquí las venden en algunas tiendas de "chinos",pero no sé si en Suiza existe algo equivalente) y no se trata de poner la prenda chorreando agua, yo la mojo y la escurro envuelta en una toalla y entonces la prendo con alfileres buenos (estos por favor que no sean de los chinos ;) ).
Ya sabes "Echando a perder se aprende" ;)

28/9/07 11:54  
Anonymous Amber in Albuquerque said...


I just saw your comment. How wet or damp you make each piece depends on the fiber used and, to some extent, on how long you want to wait for the pieces to dry. Lots of people just use a spray bottle to wet the pieces slightly.

As far as the ribbing, if it is shrinking like a spring, it will stretch like a spring too. Hopefully well enough to fit.

12/12/07 19:56  

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