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jueves, septiembre 06, 2007

Summer Knitting - Zebra Jacket, mini-scarf and hat

Dear friends,

What can I say? I had 200g of this super-bulky domino yarn in black and white... and I was stupid enough not to make a scarf out of it. Instead, I thought I would do a baby jacket. First lesson learned therefrom: NEVER do a baby jacket with a ultra-bulky yarn. It simply won't work. Looks fat, chunky and too hot for a baby. And heavy. It's SOOO heavy. I think I won't give this to anyone... and I am too lazy to unravel the whole thing. I had a bit of yarn left so I did a mini-hat and a mini mini mini scarf - probably not good for a baby, or even dangerous (suffocation?). Do I sound pessimistic? Well, maybe... argh. Doesn't look too bad... it even has two non-existent sleeves, good for spring...

Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(



Blogger Eileen said...

How about for a larger size doll? It's very funky! I like all of it!

8/9/07 19:26  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

Yes, this would be perfect for a large doll or a teddy bear, so no need to unravel and it's given you a chance to learn something new in your knitting. I like the black/white combination very much.

9/9/07 04:37  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Fantastic! Will use it for one of my teddy bears ;) Thank you so much for the idea!


10/9/07 14:47  
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