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jueves, septiembre 06, 2007

Summer Knitting - iPod Pouch!

Dear friends!

My dear friend Gunhild asked me to knit a pouch for her iPod "nano". She gave me the size of it and I came up with this simple pattern. I thought I would use very thin yarn - but doubling it, and 3mm straight needles. She said the iPod is turquoise. Then, I chose turquoise yarn (looks like cotton, or simply 1-ply acrylic, I am not sure. The thing is: I had never worked with such a tiny yarn. I started with some ribbing, and then stockinette stitch with regular "bulge" done with a purled row, just to give some variety to the whole thing. It also helps to grab the pouch! :) Then, I would knit to a bit more length than the iPod heigth - after that, I would simply repeat everything, but mirrored, as if it were from bottom to top. Then I would sew everything. I still have to give it to Gunhild, but I tried it with my partner's mobile phone, and it works! Wow. It really looks small and nice. Very very sweet. I should do more thingies like this for friends...

What do you think? :)



Blogger debolsillo said...

Be, ja t'ho dit abans, em sembla que t'ha quedat molt be i que es molt bona idea fer petites coses pels amics. Moltes gràcies per tot.:)

13/9/07 15:15  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Gràcies a tu!!! :)


13/9/07 16:38  

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