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domingo, septiembre 30, 2007

Little Rubén! And me learning crochet...

Dear friends!

Here I am again. Today I visited little Rubén and his family, and his mother Marián took the little jacket and hat I did for him in June, for this autumn. We tried it on and now the size is perfect! He's just one year old, and I thought this would be for 2-year old, but wow. The kid is big, or the pattern is small, LOL! Anyway, it looks sooo nice on the baby. I am so proud! He really looked cute, although it was almost impossible to take a photo of him with the hat on (I understand, because today it was a bit too hot for the hat... and generally babies don't like strange hats :) - Don't you think he looks soooo cute? The guy with long hair is me, LOL. Yes, I have never had my hair sooo long as I have it now.

Well, back to Rubén. He's growing up quite nicely! And he has such a funny face! Especially the eyes are very piercing :) Quite a difference from last year's pictures with the first things I knit for him. The fruit jacket is still in use, by the way! It's wonderful to knit for such a baby (and such a nice mother! She loves to use my experiments :) She made me a gift: my first real crochet hook and instructions! As you can see in the photos, I was quite puzzled. I find it soooo difficult, but I'll try to practise. I find it so unstable compared to my good old 2 straight needles. It's very difficult to get started, and get the thread go through the loops... oh well. But I will learn, promise! :) Poor me! As if I didn't have enough worries!

Hehehe... ;)

Lots of love,


Blogger debolsillo said...

Cielos, la primera vez que entré en tu blog también estaba Rubén :D

30/9/07 22:17  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Jeje... has visto cómo ha crecidooo? :)


30/9/07 22:57  
Blogger caska said...

el nene està guapisimo!!! Y se pone en posa para lucir el modelito,que gracioso :)

2/10/07 07:52  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Síii, es muy mono! Pero en realidad en la mitad de fotos lo teníamos bien agarradito, porque el nene NO PARA UN SEGUNDO!!! :D


2/10/07 10:07  
Anonymous tejiendoarmaduras said...

hola Flavio, tienes un buen blog, felicitaciones...saludos desde Chile

2/10/07 22:35  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

the pictures of Ruben and his sweater are adorable! How wonderful to see one of your completed projects being worn by such a cute child.

I hope you do learn to crochet. I could crochet when I was younger but haven't tried in quite awhile. Perhaps now is the time for me to learn too. Good luck!

7/10/07 02:54  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much!

Crocheting... I am finding it soooo hard... well, I'll have to practice... I find it so unstable and weak compared to my straight needles...


7/10/07 10:58  
Blogger Lisa said...


The jacket and hat look gorgeous (and Ruben too of course!) What a fantastic job you have done on them!

I am sure you will pick up crocheting quickly - it is another great skill to have!



8/10/07 01:56  
Blogger ( Nati ) said...

Vaya otro hombre que teje!! Que alegria!!!
Encontre tu blog por el foro Iberica de punto.. y me parecen fantasticas las cosas que haces!
Te invito a que te des una vuelta por el mio...
Saludos desde Argentina!

19/11/07 18:23  

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