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domingo, enero 07, 2007

Fruity Jacket for Rubén

Dear friends,

I was able to make a scarf since I moved to Switzerland... the school consumes most of my time and I find myself knitting late in the evening or simply on weekends. When I get back home I am just so tired that I only have time to eat and have a shower... (and check my email, of course). I feel so guilty about not having sent anything since October... it's awful! I hope to be more regular from now on. I'll simply be much slower... Oh, I also did a little hat when I was home for the Christmas holidays, but I am not sure I have made a decent photo to it...

The good news are: making simple hats is now like making a cup of coffee! I have mastered that! Now, I am not sure I'll ever be able to master circular needles...

I have been in Germany for shopping (it's cheaper than here) and I found some LOVELY yarn: with this multivariegated yarn I have made this lovely Baby Jacket I found on the Internet. I needed less than one ball (each ball was 100g I think). Wow! Well, the problem came when, for the sleeves, you had to pick stitches from the holders with a circular needle and do the sleeves with that. Now... I wasn't able to make a complete row with circular needles. Everything was so strange and difficult to me... I can't seem to be able to manage the "rope"... and how stitches go through the "rope"... argh.

So, after two hours I found the solution: cast off. This provoked the jacket to have "semi-sleeves", if you know what I mean. So... a sort of waistcoat for spring, maybe. The mother loved it and it'll be great for the spring when the baby is a bit bigger. And I loved the pattern. The decoration near the collar was sooo slow to work (lots of yo)...

The yarn is soft and lovely. I am happy it worked :) I flew to Spain with the jacket in my bag and it proved to be a lovely present. Soon, pics of Rubén with the jacket on!

Love and hugs, Flavio


Anonymous Stacie said...

Hey Flavio!
Nice to hear from you again. Your baby jacket is just lovely. I know what you mean about circulars, as I feel this way about anything done "in the round" except hats. I just do them "straight" and seam up--cheat in any way I can find. :^) Glad to know you'll be knitting even if just a little. It's so good for the soul.

7/1/07 23:32  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Stacy! Yes... I could have done them "straight"... I was so stupid not to think of it! Oh well :)

Next jacket will be better ;)

I can't even do hats in the circular... I have learned to do them "straight" and then to seam them... I find it much more reassuring to have real "rows" instead of doing an endless circle...


8/1/07 09:18  
Blogger debolsillo said...

Hola, jo també vaig estar una mica desconnectada. M'encanta la jaqueta, les circulars no son tan difícils de fer servir com sembla. Ara ho faig tot en circulars gràcies a les agulles Denisse, petons.

10/1/07 02:04  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

your sweater is so beautiful, even with the shorter sleeves. It's adorable and the colours are lovely.

I understand about the circulars. It took me a long, long time to figure them out, but after about 500 attempts :) it all made sense. Then I wondered what all the fuss was about. Now I only use cirds for hats and can't imagine seaming them.

I've watched how quickly your knitting has progressed and I think one day you'll be doing the circular knitting. You just need time to practise.

12/1/07 21:46  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Paulina and Mary Anne!

I will try to conquer the circulars in the summer, when I am home from the school. Right now I don't have enough time to focus on it ;)

Thank you so much for your comments about the sweater! Right now I am finishing a lovely scarf for a friend, will send photos soon!


12/1/07 22:43  
Blogger condith said...

Oh how beautiful, I wouldn't expect any less from you. Your artistic side is shining as bright as ever.

15/1/07 11:21  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Love the colours of the jacket! They are so bright and cheery, just like spring...

Wonderful as usual!

15/1/07 16:48  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Wow! Thank you so much :) Hugs,

PS: A scarf coming soon!

15/1/07 16:50  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Good to see that you are still getting in a little knitting, Flavio! :) I love that yarn for the sweater too!! So bright and cheerful. Well, I'll wait patiently for the next update :)

16/1/07 04:29  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Jenean! :) I am so sorry that I cannot post so often as I did before... I hope you all won't be bored in the waiting ;)

Thank you so much for reading!


16/1/07 07:41  

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