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lunes, marzo 12, 2007

Oh no... wrong proportions... :(

Dear friends,

I have finally finished this endless striped sweater with ribbed checker... it was such a slow process. It was nice to be able to do stripes bringing the yarn from below, without having to cut always (that was a relief) - now, unfortunately I got the proportions wrong. It came to be wider than higher. It is probably unwearable. The gauge was evidently wrong, and I even misread the inches for the heigth. I noticed too late, and I didn't want to start over again - so, I did the sleeves and seamed. It definitely was good for practicing... I'll probably use it for a teddy bear, I don't know... such a shame :(

What do you think?



Anonymous Anónimo said...


either way, it's gorgeous :-)

I'm sure that you will put it to good use


12/3/07 18:30  
Blogger Esther said...

Flavio, if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed. What a beautiful little sweater. Nice job on it!

13/3/07 22:11  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Karen and Esther!

If you see it "live" I think the wrong proportions are more noticeable :)

Hugs and thanks!

13/3/07 22:25  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

What a beautiful sweater! It's frustrating when this happens with the gauge and sizing, but you learned some new techniques and finished it nicely. I know some little teddy bear is going to love wearing that red and white sweater.

13/3/07 23:55  
Blogger said...

It IS gorgeous, Flavio. I had a similar problem with a sweater I made for a little friend last fall. I just gave it to her anyway knowing that little round bellies need width, and that kids aren't that long in the waist, and what the heck! If I had it to do over again (and I hadn't messed up the pattern!) I would pick up stitches along the bottom edge and knit a few inches more, in pattern. But truly yours is lovely. ~Stacie

14/3/07 03:47  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Mary-Anne and Stacy!

Maybe now it's too late to pick up stitches along the bottom, I am not sure... also, the problem is, the checkerboard is intended to be at the very bottom... it would be very strange to have it in the middle... I don't know...

Anyway, the stitches looks nice and it was good to practice ;)


14/3/07 10:13  

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