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domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Lots of new finished projects! And a new scarf...

Hello dear friends!

Well, I am back, finally! I had lots of work this week, but I was able to finish a few pending projects. Now, let me explain in detail: I had these one hat and one shawl going, those in the previous post. The mixed-alpaca dark hat is so itchy. I wasn't quite in the mood to work on it because of the hot weather - nonetheless, I managed to finish it. But I had to do it in a hurry, because a friend just gave birth to a baby and I thought I'd make a soft acrylic hat in light colours. I bought lots of new balls at the mall, they were on offer! There was thick yarn (how do I say this in English? It's good for 5/6/7mm needles).

I bought white and blue, so I could do a little sailor hat. I used the very first hat pattern I did as I started learning - the "Ken Dulaan Hat" I had found on a knitting blog. The pattern is intended for huge yarn or three threads at a time, so I always make too small hats with that pattern: but they are OK for a baby! So, now I had two hats: a dark one in alpaca (maybe too itchy for the baby, whose name is Rubén) and the little sailor hat which is sooo fresh. I'll give these as a present on Monday :) I hope the mother will appreciate it!

The shawl... well, I am quite nervous these days, as some of you know. I didn't have the patience to make a huge shawl, and I needed the needles. So, I just bound it off --- why not? Ok, it's too small to be a shawl.. but I have an excuse now :) It can be a "doll shawl", that is, a shawl for a doll! It's perfect this way! Or it could be a triangular dishcloth.. only, it's too strange, because of the pattern experiments I did on it! Oh well... I'll save it as a sample :) Or maybe I could make a triangular flag with it, adding a pole to the longest straight side!

Also, I thought I have never ever finished a complete scarf. That's incredible! So, since I need a scarf for the next winter (I'll move to a very cold country, Switzerland) - I bought a fantasy yarn which is soooo lovely. It's made of shades of blue. Maybe I could add in a green/red mix in the middle in case the two balls aren't enough... but I am not sure yet. Let's see what happens. I am doing plain 2x2 ribbing and it looks fabulous. Wow, I love this yarn! In case you want to look for it, the brand name is "Rubí", the specialty is called "Colore". They are made in Seville (Spain). I am not sure you'll find it abroad... but who cares, you have so many wonderful yarns in the USA! :) ***envy envy***

Would love to hear your comments on those little thingies. I feel better being back to knitting more or less actively!


Blogger k said...

Both hats are so cute, I hope the mother loves them. That scarf for you looks so snuggly and warm. I visited Switzerland when I used to live in the Netherlands. I'm envious- Switzerland is gorgeous!

Glad to hear you are getting back to knitting.

6/8/06 16:59  
Blogger k said...

The thick yarn you described might be "heavy worsted" or "bulky", using those needles sizes. Bulky is a little heavier weight than heavy worsted.

6/8/06 17:06  
Blogger said...

Hi Flavio
I think your little baby hats are sweet. If the one is too itchy, the mama can make it a teddy bear's hat :^) esp. since the other one will be just right for a newborn. I liked the little ribbons on top.
And I love that yarn you're using on the 2x2 rib scarf. Maybe we have something that's variegated that way in the US but I ain't seen it!
Glad you're back. :^)

6/8/06 18:18  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much Kaylee! I am glad you like the hats. They are cute indeed! Now, I just joined the Irish scarf knitalong. I hope I can practice my cables... now that I have a proper cable needle (I had used a stitch holder before!)

I guess I'll start another scarf though, because I am not sure the cables would look nice on the already begun scarf, after so many rows of ribbing!


(I think it's "heavy worsted" :)

6/8/06 18:19  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Stacie! Great to read from you :)

You are right about the itchy one... it's always good to have a hat for a teddy bear, LOL :) I love to add those coloured ribbons on top. I have yellow and pink ones.

Now, will try to follow the Irish Hiking scarf knitalong... I am afraid of cablessss ;) Although I did this experiment long ago (do you remember this?)

6/8/06 18:24  
Blogger said...

Hi Flavio,
Yes, the orange cable scarf. So you have nothing to prove by doing this new knit-along project!! :^)
I started something different today as a way of taking a break from the cable scarf, only because I'm getting afraid to work on it since half of my time seems spent fixing errors (by frogging and re-placing the stitches on the needles, and knitting again). Definitely doesn't allow for a civilized glass of wine after dinner! ;^) Guess I've revealed my priorities now.
Ciao and have a good week.

8/8/06 07:22  
Blogger Jenean said...

Hey, Flavio! Love the hats! I'm sure the mother will appreciate them :) And your shawl could be a woman's hair scarf. Just add some ties to the ends and there you go! Oh! and that yarn is called "Chunky."

Have a great week!

8/8/06 07:48  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Stacie and Jenean! Thanks, as always, for checking my blog :)

The orange experiment is really tiny, it can be used as a wristband, but can't be a scarf :) Nonetheless it was my first cable experiment, and I didn't even had a cable needle, I used a toothpick! :)

Hehe, I had to fix an error in the Irish Cable scarf... all of a sudden, an extra stitch appeared! When I realized, I had already done one row. Solution: one K2tog and, hopefully, people won't notice that :P

Jenean: Yes, my friend loved the hats, though they are too big for the newborn baby: but they'll be perfect for the autumn and winter! :)

The shawl: yours is a wonderful idea... although maybe it's too small for a woman's head. Maybe a little girl :)

Hugs and thanks!


8/8/06 12:08  
Blogger said...

I'm crazy I know but I have actually tried to find your Rubi Colore, and not succeeded, but I DID find an interesting blog entry from someone who was visiting Spain and trying to find a yarn shop. She mentions the ones she was able to visit, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as yarn proprietors, and that her purchases REEKED from cigaret smoke. Something I have never experienced in the United States, and hope never to, either.
As for the Colore, I will cease and desist, but do tell, is it acrylic? wool? Then at least I can console myself with an internet search for some substitute. :^)
Hasta la vista,

9/8/06 22:45  
Blogger said...

The link I mentioned--duuuuuh!

~Spacey Stacie (my brother's nickname for me when we were kids; he has not been brave enough to use it as adults, but it's still true)

9/8/06 22:46  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Dearest Stacie,

Indeed I can't either find those on the INternet... it must be some obscure yarn-factory hidden somewhere in Spain! :)

Indeed it's all 100% acrylic. No wool in these balls :)


10/8/06 02:36  
Blogger Esther said...

Nice work Flavio!!

12/8/06 06:21  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Esther!

It's growing, now! :)


12/8/06 12:16  
Anonymous Ann O'Leary said...

Hi Flavio, Could you please give more instruction on the "Scalloped Scarf" you mentioned on the knitting group site. How many stitches to cast on? Needle size? Any other direction you think may help. Sounds like a scarf I'd love to make. Enjoyed YOUR blog! Great knitting. Thank you for any help you can give me. Ann O'Leary

25/9/06 02:33  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Ann!

CO 41 stitches on larger needles. You need two sets, sizes 8 and 9. Begin with a K row (RS). The pattern is:

1) Six rows K


-K2 (beg of row)

Now, repeat three times:

-K through front and back of stitch
-K through front and back of stitch

-K2 (end of row)

3) Purl row

4) Repeat steps 2-3 3 times

5) Repeat step 2


Now, Knit 6 rows


Repeat the whole thing 9 times (aprox 9 inches).


Change to smaller needles and now we'll do ribbing:

1) K3, p2tog, P, **k2, p2** until end of row, K3
2) P3, **k2, p2** until end of row, P3

Do this for 7 inches.

Bind off.

Do another one, identical, then graft or seam them :)

Hope you like it ;)


25/9/06 07:39  

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