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martes, julio 25, 2006

More progresses...

Dear friends,

Here are the progresses on my two pending works. I am very slow right now due to health issues and the terribly hot weather - which makes me wonder: do you knit comfortably during summer? If yes, how can you do it? :) About the triangular shawl: I am not very sure how to continue, I guess I'll do some other decorations... let's see. The hat, I could have finished it much earlier but... just looking at the semi-alpaca yarn makes me sweat. Gosh. 37Cº here...Hope you enjoy the photos!

By the way, I am sorry not to have posted more often those days. I have some health issues that I must direct before focusing on other things... but luckily once one learns to knit, one never forgets ;)

Love, Flavio


Blogger condith said...

Hi Flavio,
So Sorry to hear your health is not so good. 37'C, we had that last week with humidity around 80%. Expecting the same in the next few days. Knitting, only with cotton. I've done a cable(yes, cable) dish towels in cotton and I'm working on another. With heat and humidity like this, nothing else is possible. Your knitting is great as always. So, Be well friend and remember, the knitting is always waiting for your return.

25/7/06 19:47  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you dearest!

I only have wool or acrylic and knitting is very painful with such hot weather. I'll probably have to buy cotton!

I have some fresh very thin yarn, "summer yarn" it's called, but it's soooo thin I have no idea what to do with it. I need very small needles too! Any idea?

Wow, cable dish towels! :D


25/7/06 22:49  
Anonymous Lizzie said...

HI Flavio,
I love the dark colored yarn!! What kind is it and where did you get it?
Your knitting is fantastic! How do you keep your edges so straight?

It has been hot here also (California) and I have found that knitting with Koigu (merino sock yarn) isn't too bad with the heat -it is a very light yarn.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

28/7/06 10:26  
Blogger Jenean said...

Praying for your health issues, Flavio. Hoping that you get much support. Stay cool!

29/7/06 04:15  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hey there, Lizzie! :) Yes, the dark yarn is very appealing, only, it's too itchy for me... it has 5% alpaca. I bought it in Italy, but I am not sure I have kept the label... I'll check again in my knitting chest, though :)

Thank you about the edges! Well, I do a very tight stitch, and that helps. It's like... I want to keep everything under control, knitting included ;) LOL!

Jenean: I appreciate that! Thank you!


29/7/06 10:46  
Blogger said...

Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.

31/7/06 22:51  
Blogger Josie said...


I know, I have been away from everything for so long, and I apologize. Have been busy with college and my 'real life' (ick!). Am slowly starting to get back into the knitting, have several WIPs I need to work on as soon as this semester is over.

Hope you're doing well, and I will keep in touch.


1/8/06 00:39  
Blogger said...

Hi Flavio,
I got your message and am sorry about the mixup--I think I was assuming too much. I should know better. Here in the U.S. we have a saying: Don't assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME. (But mostly me.) So please accept my regrets and let's keep knitting! ~Stacie
PS What type or brand of yarn are you using for the darker piece you're working on (I think it is the wool/acrylic/alpaca)? It is so lovely!

1/8/06 03:51  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Wonderful to hear from you, Josie! It's great to see you here again :)
I'll send more news about my newest baby hat very soon!! Hope you'll like it :)

Hello Stacie! Please don't worry, no problem! :)

The wool/acry/alpaca yarn is very itchy and was a bit expensive, but I am not sure I can find the label right now... when I start a ball, I tend to lose the label of it... argh! :)

I'll let you know if I find it :)


1/8/06 09:13  
Blogger k said...

Lovely work, Flavio. I'm sending good thoughts your way for your health.

2/8/06 13:34  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Kaylee!!

I have just finished two hats but haven't found the time to post them.

I will soon, I promise!!


2/8/06 23:46  

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