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sábado, febrero 16, 2008

Rubén and his fantastic sweater!

Dear friends,

Soooo, here I am again. Wow, I haven't posted anything since October. This really goes to show how busy life is becoming lately. I am so sorry. Also, I feel so terrible because I practically haven't had time to knit. This is very sad, and I feel guilty about it... Does this happen to you sometimes?

I hope you enjoy this, nonetheless: finally I have got photos of the beautiful Rubén with his Sweater! Yes, the one I did this summer :) It looks much nicer in reality, but here it is anyway. I hope you like it! :)



Blogger cybernekanekane said...

Rubén está guapísimo con el jersey. A mí me pasa igual, que apenas tengo tiempo para tejer, y la verdad es que me da mucha rabia. Además el tiempo que tengo lo invierto en mirar por internet más cositas para hacerme...jajajaja y al final...nada de nada. Un besote muy fuerte. Me alegro mucho de verte por aquí después de tanto tiempo.

20/2/08 15:43  
Blogger Mary Anne said...

Ruben is adorable! and your sweater is really nice, Flavio. Well done!
mary anne

1/3/08 04:35  
Blogger said...

Of course, it happens to everyone (unless they are bedridden and living through their laptops! LOL). I love seeing your knitting giftee growing up. Ruben is quite a cutie and your knitting for him is as always just lovely.

2/3/08 19:34  

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