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domingo, mayo 07, 2006

Working, working, working...

Dear friends!

It is true that I haven't posted for a while. This is because I have less spare time lately, and I have started two different projects on different needles and I am not sure what to finish first. I have started an easy "Woolies" (?) hat, whose pattern was cited on KnittingNovices a while ago, and an "all in one" sweater. Both will feature double yarn with different colours. I am sorry I haven't posted the progress yet, but they really are in the beginning. I wish I had more spare time, but exams are approaching...



Anonymous Isa said...

Flavius!!! Me encanta tu blog, me parece graciosísimo y, por supuesto, me gustan muxísimo tus creaciones. A ver si me aficiono yo también a la producción textil e intercambiamos impresiones (quizás algún día podamos montar nuestro propio zara, jejeje). Muchos besitos baby, sigue siendo tan guay!

8/5/06 16:51  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hola Isaaaaaaaa :)

8/5/06 17:17  

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