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jueves, abril 13, 2006

I am fine

Dear friends,

I am fine - sorry for not having posted anything those days. I have been very busy, and hadn't a lot of time left for knitting either :( Alas! ** But, I am working on a new "dishcloth" (although I'll never use if for dishes, so I just like to call it "knit-square"). I have invented the design, in Fair-Isle, and used three colours! You'll see... surprise, surprise ;-)

In the photo, you can see my first hat ever which I gave as a present, two or three months ago. I did it for a little cousin (a few month old). Notice my spaghetti pom-pon! I just cut short strings of yarn and tied them to the top: they looked so funny! Hope you like it :)


Blogger Josie said...


I love the hat! Do you still have the pattern, or did you create your own? And I love the pom-pom! :)


14/4/06 18:29  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Josie!

Yes, I still have the pattern. It is very very easy, that's why I used it for a urgent present ;)

I used a rainbow yarn so it was automatically multicoloured :)


Full-Term Baby Cap

Use: Needle size #4 with 3-ply yarn, #6 with 4-ply yarn

Cast on 68 stitches.
Next row: K2 , P2 to end of row.
Continue this pattern for 6”.
Next row: K2tog, P2tog across the row.
Next row: Purl.
Next row: K2tog across row.
Thread needles and take remaining stitches off needle and sew cap.
Optional: Make and attach a pom-pom to the top.

14/4/06 19:10  

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