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sábado, abril 22, 2006

First Sleeve Coming...

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for the help you are giving me through the Knitting Novices group. It is absolutely invaluable. I can't believe how much you are supporting me through my knitting learning! I was totally panic-stricken because I couldn't understand the "pick up stitches BETWEEN the two markers" instruction in my pattern. Well... my friends at the group explained the mystery and.. here it is! Picking up stitches was very easy, though it's the first time I do it. Really! I might be not very good at seaming, but I am improving... now, picking up stitches was absolutely easy. I was scared since I read it was tricky but... hey, it worked! :) The pattern must be a good one. Proportions look good! The sleeve is looking so cute, with the last inch in garter orange stitch!

Now, I'll have to seam the arm length before seaming down to the low edge of front and back. At least, I guess so! I'll try to do the other sleeve identical... wow, I feel that the jacket is getting a good shape! I am thrilled! It will be my very first real complex "wearable" thing! Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think. I am very satisfied with the sleeve, its decreases, the shape... I even used different decreases: on left side of sleeve, I did a right slant (K2Tog); on right side, I used left slant (ssk) - this way, the shaping is perfect! WOW! :)

Looking forward to your comments!


Blogger Josie said...


Sleeve! A sleeve! I love it, it's gorgeous! You are doing such a wonderful job, Flavio. Your knitting inspires me, and I truly love the color combinations you have. :) Keep up the great work!


22/4/06 21:57  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Oh Josie! I am so happy to read that! Yes, isn't it thrilling... a sleeve is appearing! I can't believe it :D WOW!

Lots of hugs,

22/4/06 22:28  
Anonymous Esther said...

Wow, a sleeve! Congrats on achieving this difficult technique.

22/4/06 23:09  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Woohoooooo! :) :) :)
Aloha Esther! Thank you!

22/4/06 23:21  
Blogger k said...

Wow- you are really making progress! Very nice!

23/4/06 00:47  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you Kaylee!! I am so happy the jacket is getting its shape :)
Hugs, Flavio

23/4/06 01:06  
Blogger said...

Hi Flavio,
Thanks for your URL, and your kind words about my new blog.

Um, since I'm an English teacher, I will be true to type and point out that telling us the Knitting Novices group is "unvaluable" to you is exactly the opposite of what I think you mean. ;^) It seems to me from your enthusiastic and frequent postings that you find it "invaluable." English language, gotta love it. Otherwise it just makes us all scream!

You cannot be a novice knitter, Flavio, if these pictures are an indication. No! You are a very brave intermediate knitter.

Stacie in California

25/4/06 23:37  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you dear Stacie!

I hold a degree in Translation Studies, but sometimes my English is obviously wrong.. thank you for the correction :) I have edited the post. Please let me know if you find other bad mistakes ;)

You are very kind! I thought I was a novice because I started not so long ago... but maybe I am already an intermediate! Wow :)

PS: Good news! I have sewn both sleeves and sides now... :D Will post photos soon!


25/4/06 23:56  

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