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sábado, junio 03, 2006

Back to knitting...

Dear friends,

Yes, it seems that I am back to knitting! I have to study hard but I have a bit of time to start knitting again. I began a multicolour baby jacket but had to unravel it all after the 5th row: I can't seem to find a way to "change to larger needles" - the stitches are too tight to slide them to a larger needle! They won't pass! Mmmm...

Well, anyway, I did another rainbow hat, identical to the last one. :)

More later...
Love, Flavio


Blogger Denise in PA said...

Do you have enough room to knit them onto the larger needle? Hold the left needle, with your stitches on...and use the larger needle in your right hand. This is how I change needles and I'm a very tight knitter. To slide all of the stitches onto the larger needle takes up a lot of slack which tight stitches do not have. But, knitting them one-at-a-time onto the larger needle usually works.

16/6/06 15:43  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you very much, Denise. Yes, that's the solution ;) I am so dumb!


16/6/06 16:38  
Blogger Denise in PA said...

Nope, not dumb...never! ;)) Sometimes we're just too close to the problem to see it. I do this all the time...when someone shares a solution I think, "why didn't I figure that out?"

18/6/06 22:52  

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