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Hello - This is Flavio. I love knitting! I would love to try sharing bits of my life and my thoughts. Lots of love! :)

martes, marzo 21, 2006

Leaving for Italy -- A little seed stitch!

Dear friends!

I am leaving for a few days to Italy, so I won't be able to post for a while. That's sad! Meanwhile, please accept my excuses. Now, this is a funny piece: a little square (or rectangle!) with a simple garter stitch frame and a seed stitch design in the middle. I am not really sure what's its use (looks like a little dishcloth or a bedcloth for a doll!) - but I found it on the Project Linus website and thought it would be a nice way to use the remains of a multicolour ball I had used to do some doll hats :-) Well, I will come back soon with more things and more thoughts...

Lots of love,