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jueves, marzo 30, 2006

Back from Italy with more balls of...

Dear friends,

Here I am again, and I am sorry for the delay. I am finally back from Italy, where I have been able to visit a little and cozy yarn shop. There, I bought some Italian balls of yarn which are simply adorable. You can see them on the left. Four balls are 50% wool 50% acrylic. The two green balls are pure Merino. The blue ball is 100% pure wool. The huge multicoloured one has also Alpaca in it!

Aren't they lovely? I can't wait to do something with them. Yes, I have also bought 10 metres of yellow lace and 10 metres of pink lace, to do ribbons and decorations. Who knows :-)

Now I have to knit a lovely hat for a little cousine. Let's see if I can do it for tomorrow :)



Blogger Cai Stephan said...

What beautiful yarn! Ciao, Flavio! I am Arwen from the KnittingNovices list. I have just begun to knit as well. I love your journal/blog so far! Fabulous. :-) Can you tell me what Catalan is? Is that Basque?

30/3/06 22:45  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Arwen! :)

I am so happy you like the blog! Yes, the italian yarn I bought on my journey is lovely too! :)
I just had some problems with the alpaca... it drops "hairs" here and there and they sort of
annoy my throat somehow!

Catalan is a lovely language (8-9 million speakers). It is like a mix of French and Castilian, with also Italian. It's lovely. It is spoken since the Middle Age, mostly near the Barcelona and Valencia areas. The variety spoken in Valencia is called "Valencian" but is the same language, only a bit different.

Basque is very different because it is not a Latin language.

Thank you for your visit and comment on the blog when you feel like it ;)

30/3/06 23:22  

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