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sábado, abril 01, 2006

Heart Hat!

Dear Friends,

I have been able to knit, in 4 hours, a decent hat for the little cousine. I didn't want to give the little ones, so my friends from Knitting Novice adviced a lovely pattern for a baby hat: it features a rolled brim (because of stockinette), hearts in contrasting colour and a topknot decoration. I also added a pink lace for the baby :) Well, since I learned how to do Fair Isle, I was very happy to try this one. It is my very first time doing an actual garment INCLUDING Fair Isle technique. Yes, I did some experiments before, but they were just rectangular samplers. This time it's a real object, a hat, with Fair Isle in it. I was afraid about weaving in the loose ends, it is still something that looks too random for me... but it's getting better. I am becoming quite fast with stockinette, and the decreasing part was a pleasure! The little hearts are lovely, and I managed to do a nice topknot. It is not I-cord though. Following the instructions, I worked the remaining 9 stitches for a few inches then bound off. This created a lovely "string". It was stockinette, but I knitted the first and last stitch on each side, so it rolled in its sides, which was very useful! I joined the top and bottom and the "cord" seaming with the remaining yarn: I don't know if this is correct, but it worked!

I am very happy with it. I am not sure the little baby appreciated the effort (4 hours non stop!), being only 1 year old, but it was such a nice feeling having been able to create something wearable and nice! Wow :) I am happy for this...

Let me know if you like it too :)

Lots of love,



Anonymous craftsinthe belfry said...

I love your hat -- especially the colors. How brave of you to do two colors! I haven't gone that far yet in my experimentation but I have done a sock. After I finish the second one I want to try out fair isle.

10/4/06 13:59  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you!

I love Fair Isle :) It's so pleasing! Although a bit hard when you start :)


10/4/06 17:16  
Anonymous libbysmom52 said...

Flavio, you get better and better all the time! Bravo!! Fair Isle is something that scares me to death! Excellent work. Keep it up!

14/4/06 20:08  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you very much!

I really should focus on learning proper cable, now... but somehow I still want to perfect my Fair Isle :)


14/4/06 21:11  

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