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Hello - This is Flavio. I love knitting! I would love to try sharing bits of my life and my thoughts. Lots of love! :)

domingo, marzo 19, 2006

Welcome to my blog :)

Hello there :)

My name is Flavio and I love to knit. I have tried to have a blog twice before, without success. I certainly don't pretend to have a successful blog. Sometimes I love to share my thoughts. And pictures of my knitting. Or ideas about music, life, things that annoy me...

Knitting is a lovely activity and it is very relaxing and challenging. I am so busy everyday, that it helps me to disconnect from worries. And music is wonderful too! I am a classical singer and a pianist. I have a degree in Translation Studies but have just begun a new degree, Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek), which is one of my favourite things :)

So, enough. I'll start to post soon about things, knitting and other stuff. I hope I won't bore you too much :)

Oh, by the way, this blog is trilingual: I will sometimes post in English, Italian or Spanish (even Catalan if needed) - and you can comment in any of these languages :) Latin is welcome too ;)

Potete scrivere i vostri commenti anche in Italiano, nessun problema :) // También podéis comentar en castellano, no hay problema :)) // Podeu deixar els vostres comentaris en català, no hi ha cap problema ;-) // Latine quoque scribere potes, amice :-)



Blogger Flavio83 said...

Un, due, tre, prova :)

19/3/06 23:25  
Blogger condith said...

Flavio, OMG. Your story is so beautiful, I'm awe struck. I'm in the company of genius. Multi-lingual three down, two to go, classical singer, pianist, knitting novice, how cool is that? I was totally correct, YOU ROCK!!!

20/3/06 21:21  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Connie! Great to read you here! :) I hope you'll enjoy the blog in the future :)

20/3/06 21:26  
Anonymous Esther said...

Aloha Flavio:
We're in the same group knitting novices. I've been following your progress and I am very impressed. I love the little hat with the well as your blog.
Keep up the good work.
Esther in Hawaii

2/4/06 01:37  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Hello Esther! Thank you so much for posting! I am so glad you like the blog and the Heart Hat :) I think it's very nice too, although I have to improve so much yet!


2/4/06 12:06  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Flavio, I love your blog. It is so honest and true. (Your knitting is nice, too). I am also a beginner knitter, reading and experimenting a bit. It is so absorbing and relaxing. The feel of the yarn and needles, the rythmn, all work together to add peace to my life. I will continue to watch your progress in knitting and life!


8/4/06 15:56  
Anonymous kdgibboney said...

Woops! Didn't realize I would be "anonymous" if I didn't fill out the form completely. I am kdgibboney.


8/4/06 15:57  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you so much Katie! I am very glad that you like the blog :) Yes, the "rhythm" in knitting also relaxes me a lot. I love to watch as the work grows and grows, and it is all so full of colours!


8/4/06 18:14  

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